Capturing Retiring Knowledge

This Sunday was Holocaust Memorial Day around the world. I was listening to LBC radio and they were also talking about the news that 1 in 20 people in the UK now don’t believe that the atrocities actually happened. As the debate rumbled on about why, I came to the opinion that part of the

We collate a lot of data and we try to use that data to analyse and increase the productivity of our workforces. We also know that every employee is the exception to a rule, in one way or another. No human, by our nature, acts in the same way as every other, all the time.

From extreme weather resulting in forest fires across Europe, a devastating earthquake in Indonesia, political unrest in Iran and Zimbabwe and the continual threat of terrorism, only goes to further highlights the importance of duty of care for organisations with globally mobile employees. Although mobility is essential for the strategic global growth of any business,

Diversity Biases in AI

Anything that is built will reflect the builder and that’s no different with AI. One of the concerns that have become apparent with Artificial Intelligence is that it can be created with detrimental biases built into its core. The tech industry, though gradually changing, currently is very male and very culturally similar, despite the myriad

Through our engagement with HR & Global Mobility leaders we have noticed a trend that many Global Mobility teams are striving to move away from being seen as an administrative function that purely co-ordinates employee moves, to instead being seen as a more valued strategic contributor to the organisation. However, the reality is those leaders

By Chris Debner – Strategic Global Mobility Advisory CX – What we all experience Think of Starbucks and the friendly messages that are written on your cups, or how easy it has become to return an unwanted Amazon purchase. If you’ve not heard of CX yet, you have certainly experienced it. CX stands for customer

AI & Employee Engagement

From 1927’s The Metropolis, through Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey, past The Terminator and right on into our lives, AI is here and its staying.

Although the utilistaion of data to shape Global Mobility programs is still at the forefront of many global mobility professionals’ minds. In our view there are bigger changes on the horizon and these changes come in the form of AI Technology (artificial intelligence).

The team at Joseph & Co are excited to announce the launch of our Global Mobility – Executive Roundtable Series.

We are seeing more and more of our clients from SMEs who are beginning to build a presence globally.

Quality of Mind

Having recently won a new client, we conducted our usual half day onboarding workshop to learn about Quality of Mind, however it wasn’t till I had the opportunity to experience the 3 Day ‘Quality of Mind Open Programme’ that I had full realisation.

A recent survey of multinational firms, that have a globally mobile workforce, found that nearly 60% of them are looking to implement tools to allow them to unlock trends within existing data and empower them to make strategic business decisions.

Multi-Generational Engagement

Multi-Generational Engagement, I’m sure you will have come across this buzzphrase a few times recently. But why is it so important?

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